Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
Men's dumbbell
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  • 1.2 in 1 design, can be dumbbell, also can change to barbell

  • 2. you can exercie at home, help you strength your body

  • 3.Full steel dumbbell barbell, smooth fade and also high qulity

  • 4.Non-slip handle, more comfortable and powerful, easy to grasp, made of high quality resin material, with anti-skid, anti-allergy and so on

  • 5.Environmentally friendly plastic material covered.

  • 6.Hexagonal spiral with high-quality synthetic rubber material to ensure stability, but also increase the friction

  • 7.Dumbbells change the barbell, two levers through the screw connection can be changed into barbell

  • 8. can modify the muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, often do heavy weight dumbbell exercises, can make the muscles strong, strong muscle fibers, increase muscle strength;

    9. can exercise upper limb muscles and waist, abdominal muscles;

  • 10.exercise lower limb muscles;

  • Material: plastic coated environmental dumbbell

    Specifications: 43 (cm)
    Applicable scene: fitness body, fitness equipment
    Weight: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg (kg)

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